The Emrit Startup Story

For those that don’t know, #TeamEmrit began over 1.5 years ago, with a young man with a vision. His vision was to connect everything together, especially the electric scooter he used to go back and forth from golf practice.

Adi Arul was there at the beginning of Helium’s Host program, meeting with the leadership of Helium in late 2019. He was integral in giving feedback and guidance to help Helium scale… but the question remained… how could we grow #ThePeoplesNetwork bigger? How could we help emerging markets? How can we help those that need passive income streams?

Adi found some great co-founders and we began our journey together to grow the “emerging internet technologies” of the future or EMRIT for short. From our alpha/beta testers to a team of 10+ people globally, we are poised to change the future. Join us on or follow us on twitter!

See Adi’s story below, where he presented to a global audience at the Team Emrit Global Summit 2020!



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