Randall Pires — Who is #TeamEmrit

2 min readFeb 10, 2021


What to say about our techno-hippie of a co-founder Randall?

He’s lived in Africa. He was the internet guy for 7 years out there building the largest internet networks. He knows hardware, he knows logistics, and obviously Bitcoin!

One of our two fearless co-founders, Randall loves helping close business, grow international networks, and helping people get into crypto!

Randall Pires — Co-Founder of Emrit.io

Ten Questions for Randall:

1- What does Emrit mean to you? — The bridge between the physical and digital future.

2- What gets you excited/motivated and why? — We are building the world’s Central Nervous System for the AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that is to emerge.

3- How do you do work best? Why? — When I have time to think, and articulate my thoughts clearly, especially in the evening. Early mornings I’m a zombie, late nights 9pm and after my brain is more awake than 9am. It is my nature.

4- Who is your hero? — My mom, June Lee. She is the true “America is the land of opportunity” story. In one generation since moving here at 20 years old, after being a high school teacher for 10 years, she became a lawyer as a single mom of 2 in a foreign country and a foreign language. Then she brought all her siblings, their kids, and parents here for the opportunity of a better life offered up for grabs in America, which they all grabbed, and grinded for, and achieved. Now it’s my turn, humbled and honored.

5- What is a worldview you hold and why is it important to you? — All human and earth experiences are wrapped in unconditional love. We are here to experience the depths and breadth of God.

6- What is your superpower? — I am a tool of the universe, and a messenger of the plants.

7- What makes you laugh the most? — Fat people falling down. (I used to be obese, but even still… it’s so funny to me 🤣)

8- What is a pet peeve you have? — Ignorance, and the lack of ability to have a flexible, and open mind to discuss points of view, and the inability to listen genuinely. If you are thinking about what to say next, then you are not really listening.

9- What is on your bucket list? — Skydiving from space, and experiencing having my body slow down from >1000MPH into the atmosphere enough to break through the sound barrier around 770MPH.

10- What is your dream vacation? — Amazon jungle training focused for 18+ months to continue learning the way from my teachers.




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