Peter Saddington — Who is #TeamEmrit
3 min readMar 2, 2021


What’s to say about Peter? A perennial entrepreneur for almost two full decades with multiple startups that have been venture funded and bootstrapped all the way to acquisition.

You may know him as the Bitcoin Lambo guy, or one of the OG dogecoin dogelords. He’s been around in the crypto space since 2011 after buying his first Bitcoin at $2.52.

Life is a dance…

Get to Know More About Peter Saddington

1- What does Emrit mean to you? — Emrit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really change the world for good. Not only are we disrupting the telecom industry by decentralizing the ability to create a global IoT network, but we are providing simple means for 50% of the world to have life-changing income through our CoolSpots that allow people to mine cryptocurrency for FREE! This is not only a game-changer, but it’ll impact the entire world!

2- What gets you excited/motivated and why? — I enjoy the daily grind of building something from nothing. The secret to success is simple: daily deposits, which, with discipline, allows you to build your own life, create your own success, and be completely free from the shackles of debt-based slavery. Roll your own. Build the life YOU want. That’s what’s most exciting.

3- How do you do work best? Why? — Deep focus and autonomy to do what I do best: build companies, socialize them to the world, and get investors and customers excited about the products and services we’re building.

4- Who is your hero? — My son. His passion for driving fast is worth the long weekends, the hard labor of building and constructing his machine. He’s willing to drive when I would have quit when the weather is nasty, cold, and miserable. He’s my hero. Weekend racing prep is the hardest work I’ve ever done over a weekend, but it’s also the most rewarding.

5- What is a worldview you hold and why is it important to you? — Personal responsibility. You can’t blame anyone for where you are, who you are, and what you’ve done. You’re the only constant in all of that. It’s 100% your responsibility. I find that most people who take 100% personal responsibility in life are usually: healthy, wealthy, and wise.

6- What is your superpower? — I build startups using agile.

7- What makes you laugh the most? — My wife. She’s a hoot.

8- What is a pet peeve you have? — People who don’t respect their own time management. Your time is the only resource you can never recoup.

9- What is on your bucket list? — I’d like to see my son drive professionally as a race car driver. I washed out… but I can live vicariously through my son if we both work our butts off to make his dream come true… this will certainly allow me to drive some of the most famous tracks on the planet!!!

10- What is your dream vacation? — I don’t take vacations. I love working too much. My family goes on vacations though, usually without me.



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