IoT Expertise for #TeamEmrit! — Brad Lane as Head of IoT Solutions & Partnerships
2 min readFeb 4, 2021


We’re proud to announce one of our newest hires, Brad Lane! We’ll be announcing more new faces of #TeamEmrit, so be on the lookout!

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Brad Lane leads both our hardware engineering and our B2B partnership engagements, sharing his extensive IoT solution and embedded systems expertise with Emrit’s hosts and partners. This role is essential to connecting real world IoT ecosystem solutions to Emrit’s Everything Connected platform, which seamlessly integrates cryptocurrency fintech services with a global IoT network.

Over the past five years, Brad helped drive the explosive growth of LoRaWAN as a Senior Field Application manager at Semtech, the company who invented LoRa technology. He worked with a large array of customers, LoRa sensor providers, and network operators to enable a multitude of IoT solutions that were deployed at scale.

Prior to joining Semtech, Brad spent 20 years at Texas Instruments in sales, marketing, and engineering leadership roles. He brings extensive knowledge of the semiconductor, embedded processor, and IoT communications space. While at TI, Brad helped launch winning embedded IoT solutions in the AMI/AMR utility and consumer markets. His deep expertise with high performance ARM and DSP processing platforms will help accelerate integration of edge intelligence and AI capabilities to Emrit’s platform.

Brad holds a BSEE degree from the University of Florida and lives near Tampa with his family.

Brad Lane at our 2020 #TeamEmrit Summit!

Listen to Brad share insights into hotspot mining $HNT!

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10 Questions with Brad Lane!

1- What does Emrit mean to you? - opportunity to launch a platform that has global impact by removing barriers to innovation and commerce.

2- What gets you excited/motivated and why? - working with a great team to solve complex problems in new ways that are commercially viable.

3- How do you do work best? Why? - modulating between team environments and focused individual time, with frequent feedback loops to validate progress.

4- Who is your hero? - my dad

5- What is a worldview you hold and why is it important to you? — Wow, big stuff here. I believe every living thing is sharing a ride on spaceship earth, so my worldview is earth centered.

6- What is your superpower? — I fix things

7- What makes you laugh the most? — my kids

8- What is a pet peeve you have? — people talking during movies

9- What is on your bucket list? — new adventure bike, another camping trip out west,

10- What is your dream vacation? — New Zealand



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