Brice Marcellus — Who is #TeamEmrit

For our first “Who is #TeamEmrit” series, we’re going to start with our Community Manager, Brice Marcellus.

Get to know a little bit about him!

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A fun loving guy!

1- What does Emrit mean to you? — Emrit is a mechanism that can be utilized in order to help assist income inequality without being limited to borders. A mean’s to assist those who would otherwise be left out.

2- What gets you excited/motivated and why? — Inspiring and the ability to touch complete strangers is my motivating factor. The ability to assist those whom I have never met.

3- How do you do work best? Why? — My best work is done in the mornings, I have always found productivity is all in how the day is begun.

4- Who is your hero? — One of my personal hero’s is my Father and Grandfather. Both have started with absolutely nothing and created success regardless of the current social constraints of the times.

5- What is a worldview you hold and why is it important to you? — We are all interconnected with each other and the world itself. I believe everything happens for a reason, even if the reason is unknown to us.

6- What is your superpower? — My superpower is my ability to connect and storytelling. These allow me to convey meanings and thoughts that may provoke or allow others to consider previously unconsidered avenues.

7- What makes you laugh the most? — Very dumb comedies are my all-time favorite. I can quote Step-Brothers and Talladega Nights by memory.

8- What is a pet peeve you have? — Accountability and ownership are my largest pet peeve’s. I believe we are all responsible for our lives and blaming others only spins our wheels.

9- What is on your bucket list? — My bucket list items would be a two-part item. The first, to see a space launch in person. The second would be to travel to lower orbit on a commercial space flight, technology willing.

10- What is your dream vacation? — My dream vacation would be a two month trip around Europe to experience all of the architecture and history in person.

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