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Hello Emritans!

The last three years have been incredible. We’ve helped Helium become the fastest growing IoT network globally, deploying more gateways with our CoolSpot devices than any other community. In turn, we’ve provided passive income to an army of #Emritans for hosting CoolSpots, paying nothing…

How crazy does it sound to have clean air? On a global scale, companies and individuals work together towards a cleaner world. Do not get confused! This partnership is not only #TeamEmrit and #PlanetWatch, but with you too!

The PlanetWatch sensors will work with EMRIT CoolSpots! Earn $HNT and $Planets…

If you missed it, don’t miss the next one! The May Community Call was a-MAY-zing! We always love seeing everyone come together in these odd times. We enjoy and encourage any and all questions. Challenge us! Let us help you make that sweet $HNT.

The conversation:

  • Team introduction. We have new team members!
  • Gave a walkthrough of how to navigate the dashboard and order!
  • We are hiring! (Check it out: here)
  • And of course our Q & A session at the end!

We encourage you to join, chat, or just listen in! It’s easy too! Join discord.gg/emrit. Timeline? Community calls are the FIRST Tuesday of every month!

Big thank you to all who could join and we’ll see you at the next one!

Community is the source of our growth! The #TeamEmrit Community is awesome. This is what some of them do with Emrit!

We had a goal and we crushed it! Earlier this month we had an a-MAY-zing opportunity to speak with Dr. Jim Rotholz, David Choi, and Grace White from the Jesse Rotholz Foundation(which you can watch here).

Over that past year, #TeamEmrit and the Jesse Rotholz Foundation worked hand in hand growing together. In the call, David specifies the difficulties with any kind of funding for charities and exactly how Emrit’s #hardwaredrop assisted the Jesse Rotholz Foundation.

As JRF has leveraged #TeamEmrit and the defi space, #TeamEmrit has since connected with other foundations and organizations to grow and win together.

The journey continues! Growth by teamwork is a beautiful thing.

What better way to spend a Monday announcing our latest full time hire, Nadia Cabrales, who joins us as our Director of Operations!

Nadia is here to help ensure that we can get our wonderful CoolSpot into the hands of every person on the planet! She comes with two decades…

What to say about our techno-hippie of a co-founder Randall?

He’s lived in Africa. He was the internet guy for 7 years out there building the largest internet networks. He knows hardware, he knows logistics, and obviously Bitcoin!

One of our two fearless co-founders, Randall loves helping close business, grow…

We just concluded our very first #TeamEmrit Community call and had many great people join us to meet our team for the first time and get their questions answered!

We covered:

  • Staking
  • How to increase rewards
  • Understanding how CoolSpots talk to one another
  • Algorand and financial services,
  • and more!

We invite you to participate in our Community Call on http://discord.gg/emrit every first Tuesday of the month!

Here is a replay of our very first call!

Thanks to everyone who joined!

Our community here at #TeamEmrit is awesome.

Not only do we constantly help each other out in our community discord channel (which you can find here: http://discord.gg/emrit), but some even go bigger!

Ed Ballou, who has been interviewed as one of our hosts here, has created some really cool videos that can help anyone that’s just getting started with hosting a free CoolSpot, or joinined #TeamEmrit as a host!

Make sure to check out these great videos!

Thanks Ed! ❤


Join our community of entrepreneurial individuals and businesses who are earning passive income mining cryptocurrency!

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