What’s to say about Peter? A perennial entrepreneur for almost two full decades with multiple startups that have been venture funded and bootstrapped all the way to acquisition.

You may know him as the Bitcoin Lambo guy, or one of the OG dogecoin dogelords. He’s been around in the crypto space since 2011 after buying his first Bitcoin at $2.52.

Life is a dance…

Get to Know More About Peter Saddington

1- What does Emrit mean to you? — Emrit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really change the world for good. Not only are we disrupting the telecom industry by decentralizing the ability to create a global IoT network, but we…

What better way to spend a Monday announcing our latest full time hire, Nadia Cabrales, who joins us as our Director of Operations!

Nadia is here to help ensure that we can get our wonderful CoolSpot into the hands of every person on the planet! She comes with two decades of service at Fortune 500 and global logistics service providers, and her work encompasses comprehensive international experience in Latin American markets, launching in-country start-up operations in Guatemala and directing turn-around of under performing businesses.

Nadia Cabrales — Emrit.io

Ten Questions with Nadia!

  1. What does Emrit mean to you? — I feel like Charlie in the Willy Wonka movie…

What to say about our techno-hippie of a co-founder Randall?

He’s lived in Africa. He was the internet guy for 7 years out there building the largest internet networks. He knows hardware, he knows logistics, and obviously Bitcoin!

One of our two fearless co-founders, Randall loves helping close business, grow international networks, and helping people get into crypto!

Randall Pires — Co-Founder of Emrit.io

Ten Questions for Randall:

1- What does Emrit mean to you? — The bridge between the physical and digital future.

2- What gets you excited/motivated and why?

We’re proud to announce one of our newest hires, Brad Lane! We’ll be announcing more new faces of #TeamEmrit, so be on the lookout!

— -

Brad Lane leads both our hardware engineering and our B2B partnership engagements, sharing his extensive IoT solution and embedded systems expertise with Emrit’s hosts and partners. This role is essential to connecting real world IoT ecosystem solutions to Emrit’s Everything Connected platform, which seamlessly integrates cryptocurrency fintech services with a global IoT network.

Over the past five years, Brad helped drive the explosive growth of LoRaWAN as a Senior Field Application manager at Semtech…

Waiting for the show to begin!

We just concluded our very first #TeamEmrit Community call and had many great people join us to meet our team for the first time and get their questions answered!

We covered:

  • Staking
  • How to increase rewards
  • Understanding how CoolSpots talk to one another
  • Algorand and financial services,
  • and more!

We invite you to participate in our Community Call on http://discord.gg/emrit every first Tuesday of the month!

Here is a replay of our very first call!

Thanks to everyone who joined!

Our community here at #TeamEmrit is awesome.

Not only do we constantly help each other out in our community discord channel (which you can find here: http://discord.gg/emrit), but some even go bigger!

Ed Ballou, who has been interviewed as one of our hosts here, has created some really cool videos that can help anyone that’s just getting started with hosting a free CoolSpot, or joinined #TeamEmrit as a host!

Make sure to check out these great videos!

Thanks Ed! ❤

Y’all have been asking, and we’re finally doing it.

A monthly Community Call for everyone in our Discord!

Make sure to get in at www.discord.gg/emrit!

Our first one will be February 2, 2021 @ 5PM EST with our Engineering Lead, Brad! He’s gunna help you learn how to earn more of that precious HNT!

See you on Discord!!!

For our first “Who is #TeamEmrit” series, we’re going to start with our Community Manager, Brice Marcellus.

Get to know a little bit about him!

A fun loving guy!

1- What does Emrit mean to you? — Emrit is a mechanism that can be utilized in order to help assist income inequality without being limited to borders. A mean’s to assist those who would otherwise be left out.

2- What gets you excited/motivated and why? — Inspiring and the ability to touch complete strangers is my motivating factor. The ability to assist those whom I have never met.

3- How do you do work…

May 2021 bring many blessings!

Above is our 2020 Happy New Year video from #TeamEmrit globally!

2021 is now upon us and it’s time to rock-and-roll. We have an amazing roadmap for this new year and you’ll see many vast improvements to not only our host dashboard, but we’ll be releasing our new mobile app this year.

Many blessings on all of our community, partners, investors, and friends!

Let’s crush 2021 together!

[If you haven’t seen or heard of our UK RDP success story, take a watch here with Calvin!]

Lots of WINNING happened for Class A! — Over 230K worth!

Hello Future RDPs!

We have completed our Class A of RDPs and we are excited to begin our Class B of RDP applications in QTR 2 of 2021. We have learned a ton from Class A, and we need time to ensure we improve all of our systems to ensure Class B get’s everything they need to succeed.

In full transparency, what needs improvement?

  • Supply chain
  • Demand fulfillment
  • User experience
  • Application functionality
  • Managing different use-cases and servicing variability


Building The Global IoT Network — Get our product for free and earn at www.emrit.io

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